2.3.16 Lunch at the Leafy Greens Kitchen Chicken Tortilla Soup

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Today at the Leafy Greens kitchen we had a full table of 12 hungry eaters! Busy people stopped by to have a proper lunch; they sat down and ate a home-cooked meal in the company of friends and friendly strangers.

In each bowl I added shredded chicken, topped it with a rich stock (see link below for recipe – today’s lunch I added a whole chicken) with chard and cilantro. I topped it off with homemade corn tortilla chips, avocado, a slice of lime with a quesadilla on the side. On the table was fresh pico de gallo to accompany the soup. I like my meal to be a hands-on kind of thing, with adding this and that for a note of brightness and a bit of crunch.


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For dessert I added 2 bananas in the blender with almond milk, vanilla extract and cocoa nibs. The cocoa nibs, with a bit of caffeine, helped give a boost to help with the afternoon slump.

Green Tortilla Soup Stock

Green Tortilla Soup

Learn how to transition to a diet based on the book Nourishing Traditions By Sally Fallon with Mary Enig, Ph.D


A few years ago, when I was living in San Francisco I was fortunate enough to work for Thomas Cowan MD. When Dr. Cowan works with his patients he always starts with nutrition. He believes in the wisdom of our ancestors and traditional cultures from around the world, they knew/know how to eat a truly nutrient dense diet. While I was working there I wrote an article on how to transition to a diet based on the book Nourishing Traditions, from which he works from (see below for the link to the article).

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Introduction to Leafy Greens



In this initial 30-minute consultation we will discuss your goals and the fundamentals of a nutrient dense diet. This consultation is all about asking questions and listing your goals.This is a great introductory service for all individuals who want basic questions answered. No diet journal or questionnaires are needed, just come ready to learn!


Personalized Consultation


In this 1.5-hour consultation we zero in to your health issues and goals. Each person is different and everyone requires different nutritional profiles. Here we provide a nutritional analysts of your 3-day diet journal, illustrating intake percentages of the 3 macronutrients; carbohydrates, protein and fat. We’ll go over your health history, your families heath history and, with all the gathered information, we’ll discuss an appropriate diet.
This service requires that you keep a 3-day diet journal, fill out questionnaires and outline your personal goals. This information will help us put you on the right path toward radiant health.
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The LG Philosophy


Food connects us to our cultural and familial roots and to our community. Leafy Greens believes that food should be local, seasonal, unadulterated, and organic. But most importantly kindness is the best approach all around. Kindness to the soil, water, seeds, plants, farmers, animals and to ourselves. Learning how to eat in today’s world is not easy. That is why we must be kind while we make the journey toward improving our health and quality of life.

What we choose to eat can be a powerful tool to help the environment, support the local economy and those businesses that treat employees and animals humanely. We believe that eating healthy improves the social, economic, political and biological health of our planet. Leafy Greens is about living a life of healthy eating.


Leah Pokrasso is a certified Natural Chef and Nutrition Consultant from Bauman College in Berkeley CA. After putting herself through college as a floral designer, her health declined from the exposure to pesticides and a less than optimal diet. She found that, through proper nutrition, she was able to improve her health and it sparked her passion for cooking and creating a better life through the medium of food. After a decade of creating beauty with flowers, Leah finds that her approach to food is the same. She finds beauty in the community that is created by cooking and eating and believes that this way of life will help create a better planet for future generations.

In addition to working with people one-on-one and leading the Leafy Green Cleanse she also has worked with the American Diabetes Association, San Francisco General Hospital, Birkenstock, Bauman College, and worked at Dr. Cowan’s in San Francisco, a M.D. prominent in the Weston A Price community. She is currently working with Envison, MoGro, Santo Domingo Pueblo and Jemez Pueblo teaching classes focused on the importance of nutrient dense food. Leah also cooks lunch three times a week for a start-up company, Decartes Labs, in Los Alamos. Leah lives in her home town of Santa Fe N.M. with her husband Adam, cat Grandpaw and pup Billie Jean.