6.6.16 Saffron Chicken and Herb Salad

I’m excited to share that I am now cooking for a startup in Los Alamos. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to cook for! Happy and grateful.

Today I made a recipe by Yotam Ottolenghi from his book Jerusalem. IMG_4959

First I cut the oranges in wedges and put them in a sauce pan with saffron, vinegar, honey and covered it with water – it was a beautiful sight and a lovely aroma. I let it cook for an hour or more.Then I gathered all the beautiful greens and herbs I bought from the Co-op – mint, basil, cilantro, kale, butter lettuce and romaine. Washed and chopped them. I made the dressing by chopping up a couple serrano chiles and added fresh lemon juice, lemon zest, garlic, salt and olive oil. You can see the whole recipe in a clear format here. It ended up being a delicious and beautiful lunch. The color of the orange saffron sauce with the all the colors of green was a perfect summer day lunch.

3.17.16 Lunch at the Leafy Greens Kitchen Cabbage and Sausage Casserole with Potato Kugel and a Salad made with Butter Lettuce and Kale

I wanted to make cabbage for St. Paddy’s day, plus cabbage is an all-star vegetable. For it contains all kinds of plant magic that’s designed to keep us healthy.

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This cruciferous vegetable is made up of some major players when it comes to nutrition and cancer prevention. If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to read all about it! Check out this website for more information on why you should be eating more cabbage!

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I made SmittenKitchen’s cabbage and sausage casserole, which came out delicious! I enjoy the sense of connection I feel when I’m making these recipes that are I know people have been making for generations. Speaking of, I also made potato kugel. That also came out really well, it was approved by a long time kugel-eater.

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I lined the table with pickles, mustards, sauerkraut, sour cream, chopped parsley and green onion. Some of my eaters sat outside to enjoy the warm spring weather. I think it’s time to get a long picnic table so we can all get some time outside for lunch. Life is good.

2.3.16 Lunch at the Leafy Greens Kitchen Chicken Tortilla Soup

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Today at the Leafy Greens kitchen we had a full table of 12 hungry eaters! Busy people stopped by to have a proper lunch; they sat down and ate a home-cooked meal in the company of friends and friendly strangers.

In each bowl I added shredded chicken, topped it with a rich stock (see link below for recipe – today’s lunch I added a whole chicken) with chard and cilantro. I topped it off with homemade corn tortilla chips, avocado, a slice of lime with a quesadilla on the side. On the table was fresh pico de gallo to accompany the soup. I like my meal to be a hands-on kind of thing, with adding this and that for a note of brightness and a bit of crunch.


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For dessert I added 2 bananas in the blender with almond milk, vanilla extract and cocoa nibs. The cocoa nibs, with a bit of caffeine, helped give a boost to help with the afternoon slump.

Green Tortilla Soup Stock

Green Tortilla Soup